Online English Language Learning for Schools

Types of Blended Learning

There are many different ways of blending online learning with classroom learning. Here's an idea of how we break it down - but this can be varied to suit a school's needs.
Blended Full
Schools can use the full English Discoveries curriculum with printed and online materials, and follow the ED course. The best fit for this is about 5 hours split between face-to-face and online learning. More hours of intense study is an option, and supporting materials can also be used to broaden class activities (such as role plays or the interactive magazine).
Blended Integrated
English Discoveries can be integrated with a school's existing curriculum, using existing content in class with new online course activities to support it before and after class.

The existing lessons can be re-ordered (with or without our assistance) to match the needs of the school curriculum, with students seeing the school's units of study incorporating the English Discoveries lessons the school has selected as appropriate. Further to this, new lessons can be created where an existing English Discoveries lesson is not available.

Greater blending can be achieved by replacing some of the existing content with ED course books or online content where appropriate.
Blended as Enrichment
Schools can offer students a supplementary learning environment, online. The online environment follows the English Discoveries units and lessons that the student takes at their own pace, supervised by their classroom teacher or another school supervisor.

This is intended to be an enrichment to the main class, though it might be described
as a separate class in addition to the face-to-face class, since it follows a separate curriculum. If it is considered a separate class then this enriched learning can be optional, for students who want to take an extra step in their learning.
  • This uses and follows the full English Discoveries course.
Distance Blended Full
Combining English Discoveries with regular face-to-face or Skype lessons opens up a high quality learning option for travellers, corporations, university and exchange students - combining online learning with certified English teachers.

This uses and follows the full English Discoveries course.
Distance Moderated
English Discoveries is best used with an English teacher, but it can also be managed by HR staff, counsellors, supervisors and so forth. They can monitor the student's involvement as well as their improvement over time, and intervene where required.

  • Corporations may wish to support employees in their professional development.
  • Universities can develop EFL student proficiency with a monitored program.
  • Agents can further support their students placed around the country with an English program and support forum

The moderator can ensure progress is being made, support the learner and check they're using the system effectively.
However we encourage the use of a tutor, internally or from a partnering English school.

We do not recommend unmonitored learning.