Online English Language Learning for Schools

Usage Scenarios

Online learning is far more effective when it is blended with traditional learning. An online system can not replicate the strengths of a live teacher, and English Discoveries is intentionally designed to help teachers, to provide the best learning environment and experience for students. (You can find out more about the types of Blended Learning over here)

English Discoveries can be implemented in your school in a variety of ways.
Scenarios include:
An Optional (afternoon) Class
Many schools offer a 20 hour course weekday mornings, with optional classes in the afternoons.

English Discoveries can extend student learning as
  • extra study for the morning class - with online exercises supporting this week's main lessons
  • an ESP class to supplement the general English class - eg: Tourism or Medical English
  • supervised self paced learning - a tutor monitors the computer lab and roams to help students, who are studying at their own level
  • home work - students study in their own time, with a teacher overseeing their hours on task, marking assignments, watching progress, and helping face-to-face as needed.
Tutoring for travellers and corporate
Schools can use English Discoveries to tutor students, and follow the English Discoveries curriculum.
  • Tutor corporate clients remotely to improve employee English skills.
  • Offer working holiday travellers a boost to their experience by adding online learning.
    Supplement this with Skype or face-to-face lessons
University Student support (& High School student support)
Some students are studying (using English) but their English skills are lacking and they need support. This can be High School Exchange students, or University students who passed their IELTS entrance exam but are struggling.

Universities can opt to require students to take online learning, or offer it to students needing help.
Exchange students in high schools can be supported with formal online learning.

  • tutored - an English teacher adds support so the student has face-to-face assistance plus the online practice at home
  • untutored - a moderator monitors the student to check they are doing the lessons, their progress and test results.
All Class Enrichment
English Schools can offer all students the online learning environment as a special feature of their school.
  • Can be approached as offering two separate classes - the normal class face-to-face, and another online
  • Students can start learning online a month before they arrive.
  • Students can socialise online with current students, and support upcoming students
  • Students can continue their online study while they travel or return home
  • Teachers in regular classes can direct students to lessons that are related to what they've just done in class.
It can be overseen either by their classroom teacher, a helper (or second teacher) allocated specifically for a student, or a single online moderator overseeing all students.
Integrated Classes
Schools can build the English Discoveries into their existing classes.

Existing course materials can be matched with our online lessons. English Discoveries course books are also available for use in class, with online lessons used within or outside of class.
Corporate Moderation
English Discoveries works best when used with a teacher, as intended.

A company can offer this product to employees with minimal input - but a moderator should be used to ensure employees are using the system effectively. A moderator who doesn't teach still makes an important difference supporting the learner and checking they're using the system effectively.

English Discoveries with a moderator is far more effective than a standalone online English system.
We encourage the use of a teacher/tutor. We do not recommend unmonitored learning.