Online English Language Learning for Schools


English Discoveries

English Discoveries is a complete online solution designed as a tool for schools to use.

English Schools strive to differentiate themselves and there's a push for quality in learning. Good teachers, good systems, good supporting material. The design principle of English discoveries is to blend into an English class - to keep the significant advantage of a real teacher while working with a customisable online learning system.

Schools can use the system in class or for homework, integrated into the current structure or supplementing learning. It contains 1300 hours of lessons for students and reports back to the teacher on individual and class progress.

Edusoft created their first "Interactive CD-ROM" learning product over 25 years ago, to meet the challenges facing modern language learners. The product has evolved both to continually improve its material and to match the latest technologies. Quality tools to improve teaching and allow teachers to make better use of their time, addressing the challenges facing modern language learners.